Private Charter travel trends winter 2021-22

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November, 2021

Private jet travel offers luxury, comfort, and convenience. Exclusive vacations to high class destinations are preferred by private jet travelers. Recent studies show that the demand for private jet services has increased by over 32% since 2019. Private jets offer high levels of privacy, mobility and in the recent years, due to evolving pandemic – safety, as private jet services also minimize the risk of contagion.

No slow-down seen for exclusive charter jet vacations

The popularity of private jet vacations took off during the pandemic. The global private jet inventory became narrow, as more and more people shifted from premium commercial airlines flights to private jets, while discovering many benefits of private travel and keep on moving where they needed to be during an unprecedented time of pandemic isolation.

Even now, as things open back up, there’s no slowdown in sight. People are incredibly enthusiastic to make up for lost vacation plans and to return from a stressful period of pandemic to active travel to some of the world’s most beautiful and enchanting places.

The travel rules and requirements of different states and countries are easing and people are more ready than ever to travel, explore, and get away from home. So, if a luxury charter jet dream vacation is on your radar this winter, consider these destinations.

There’s something unique about traveling around Europe in the winter. In the year 2021, the greatest way to travel in Europe is via private jet. Winter’s first snowfall enchants many vacationers from the Middle East. Winter sports and activities, such as hunting for the northern lights, are made possible by the short days and snow. Winter, on the other hand, brings with it major events and celebrations such as Christmas and New Year’s Eve.

Head to Tallinn, Estonia

Tallinn, Estonia’s stunning capital, is arguably one of the most beautiful cities in Northern Europe. Visitors will be awestruck by the surrounding medieval stone walls, sky-scraping church bell towers, and winding cobblestone lanes leading to squares and courtyards. Many of the city’s medieval churches and merchant homes are under UNESCO protection, making it one of Europe’s best-preserved historical hubs.

Explore Budapest

Budapest, a famous family-friendly destination set on a magnificent stretch of the Danube River, is known for its rich history. Budapest’s combination of Western and Eastern Europe is one of the things that makes it so pleasant to visit. Budapest is unquestionably charming in the winter.

Ljubljana, Slovenia

In December, the small capital of Slovenia’s Ljubljana similarly small nation boasts a lovely Christmas feel and abundance of snug winter amusements. Every season has its own charms, but the winter months attract a large number of visitors. The Baroque building is illuminated by Christmas lights in December; alternatively avoid the crowds by visiting after the holidays, when there will be plenty of space to explore the pedestrian-only Old Town and enjoy coffee at riverfront cafés.

Discover Reykjavik, Iceland

A visit to a geothermal pool complex is one of the nicest things to do in Reykjavik in the winter. When it comes to organizing a trip to Iceland, doing an Ice Caves tour is definitely at the top of most people’s lists. A large portion of this is due to the fact that Iceland’s ice caves are only available from mid-October to mid-March each year. Whale watching, soaking in geothermal springs (or traveling to the Instagrammable Blue Lagoon, a 40-minute drive away), and wandering by colorful cottages and Viking statues, such as the infamous resemblance of Leif Erikson, are among the numerous cold-weather activities available.

Pay a visit to the Hallstätt, Austria

Hallstatt’s setting is absolutely stunning. For a small town, Hallstatt has a lot of interesting attractions, including a lovely market square which boasts numerous 16th-century buildings and the Hallstatt Skywalk, where you can enjoy panoramic views of the surrounding area. As with most Austrian towns, Hallstätt does winter activities well; go skiing, snowshoe hiking, or take a horse-drawn carriage ride.

Why Choose ASM Private Charter?

There are several reasons to choose private jets for an exclusive winter vacation. The cost of private jet services is not much higher than the costs of first-class travel on commercial flights, while a passenger gets the whole aircraft for himself. Private jet passengers don’t have to worry about contracting the virus from other people. You will also not have to go through airport procedures that precede an economy class or business class flight. What’s more? Private jet services allow you to personalize your flight based on your specific needs and preferences.

Meet this winter in the charming Europe with ASM Charter.

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