Airline Airport Station Manager

ASM ensures a smooth venture into a new destination for an airline, whilst supporting all administrational and supervisory tasks on behalf of an airline client.

We offer Station Management services for the client airline’s start-up locations, on long or short term basis. We understand an airline needs to keep pace with expanding destination network and may not always have staff on the ground to setup and manage commercial operations. We at ASM can assist in covering this gap and represent the airline effectively at any airport globally.

• We offer representation and supervisory services
• We consult, plan and manage on behalf of the airline
• We oversee and manage facilities and equipment of the airline accordingly to prescribed manuals
• We coordinate with 3rd party service providers on behalf of the airline
• We supervise check-in and ramp services to ensure smooth and timely aircraft turn around
• We procure flight permits and coordinate slot arrangements
• We liaise with airport authorities and service providers for any contracted services on behalf of the airline
• We perform accounting, collection of revenue and provide reports on results regularly