CEO's Message

Dear Valued Client,

We have all come a long way battling the pandemic for the past two years. Pre-pandemic, the airline sector supported US$3.5 trillion in global economic activity, however, in 2021, the sector estimated to have sustained losses of more than US$108 billion. While, we have faced ups and downs in the business and many of our staffs affected since the start of Covid-19, yet, we have been strong as a company to overcome these obstacles with the best of our abilities and have been able to close the year 2021 successfully managing to reach our targeted budget.

I take this moment to thank and congratulate all our valued clients and long-term partners who have been working with us. ASM has been reliable in delivering its service with sincerity and dedication during these unprecedented times, gaining trust as well as positive feedback from our loyal clientele.

Last year, we experienced change of cycle with first half focused on vaccination drive worldwide and reopening of air borders for international travel helping bring in confidence of safety with air travel which brought change in consumer pattern with international travel picking up. Airlines operating conditions largely determined by the availability of their domestic markets and the progress in vaccinations among the countries in their networks. Our team was pro-active in noting changes on rules and regulations of each country to assist clients with change of their planned operations by providing required support. However, when things just started getting back to normalcy, the resurgence of new variant again disrupted the pace of recovery. Many airlines have undergone mergers, acquisition and are backed up by government financial relief measures to sustain from the impact. Navigating these cycles will require rethinking of goals, strategies and business models until business activity returns to pre-pandemic levels.

With rising cargo demand around the world during pandemic, ASM supported numerous cargo flights with fuelling and flight support services. Being at the forefront, our vaccinated crew successfully handled several medical flights during the pandemic. While many countries had closed their air borders and restricted international travel with new rules and regulations, our team meticulously planned alternative routes and worked on missions to airlift passengers who were stuck in different countries on our private flights helping them to reunite with their families back safely. ASM Charter division saw great progress in European, Middle-East and Asian regions, leisure private flights were in high demand throughout the year as flying private provided a sense of safety reducing the risk of exposure. ASM followed all necessary precautionary measures - well packed in-flight catering, sanitized cutleries, clean washed blankets, complete aircraft disinfection service after every flight assuring highest standard of safety and hygiene.

Expansion into Latin South America and Singapore market
The Latin America’s air traffic demand is growing at a high pace, surpassing projections for the rest of the globe. While, the region’s airlines expected to increase their seat capacity, fleets, in the next years to meet this growing demand, particularly in regional and domestic markets.

Singapore plays an important role in the Asia Pacific aviation market. As per IATA’s forecast report Air transport market in Singapore is under the current trends scenario to grow by 126% in the next 20 years.

Considering all these facts, in order to serve our clients even better with wide coverage around the globe, ASM has expanded its horizon to Latin South America and Singapore with new partnerships and networks built.

ASM always strives to be your reliable partner be it fueling, flight support or charter services. Year on year we are structuring our organizational functions to meet all our clients’ requirements, pursuing to be one-stop solution for all your operational needs with quick and feasible support. I wish that the aviation industry will revive soon and be back stronger. Let’s together work towards achieving our best.

Vito Gomes
CEO - Aviation Services Management (ASM)