Exclusive ASM Learjet Family

ASM’s exclusive Bombardier Learjet 60 and 60XR aircrafts deliver exhilarating performance, just what you’d expect from the aircrafts that exemplifies legendary Learjet speed and power. It provides continent-covering range, while passengers enjoy the generous stand-up cabin. The spacious baggage compartment allows ample room for golf clubs, skis and luggage.

The combination of range, speed and comfort, as well as base locations in the Europe and Middle East has made the ASM Learjets one of the most desired midsize jets on the market.

There are 114 Learjet 60XR aircraft in operation today. North America has the largest percentage of Learjet 60XR aircraft (62%), followed by Asia (13%) and South America (13%). ASM offers exclusive access to the legendary Learjet in the Middle East and Europe region.

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Bombardier Learjet 60XR | T7-VGG Gallery

Bombardier Learjet 60XR | 9H-GOA Gallery