Block Permits

We can obtain block permits for your scheduled or regular flight operations

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Seasonal Clearances

Hassle-free seasonal clearance for your

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Flight Diversion

ASM flight watch team can guide the operator to a nearby convenient airport in case unforeseen difficulties arise

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ASM houses an expert operation team, available 24/7. We can obtain block permits for your scheduled or regular flight operations, making your flight planning hassle free.

Be it a scheduled or block flight landing permit, ASM can procure the requirement in short order. With over two decades of experience, we have a global network of contacts at the Airport Authorities and their approved agencies to handle any permit arrangements smoothly and in time.

With our extensive knowledge of global Civil Aviation Authority policies and procedures, ASM excels in arranging flight support at any airport around the world. Save valuable time and eliminate errors by entrusting your Block Permit needs to ASM.


Need hassle-free seasonal clearance for the block schedules? Having excellent connections across Civil Aviation Authorities and their approved agencies, ASM obtains permits and clearances at a short notice and for a global network of airports.

Filing seasonal clearances can be a very challenging task. ASM’s expertise in the aviation support field and our know-how can relieve your airline’s Operations team from unnecessary workload. Our team is always current with the latest permit procedures across the globe. ASM operations are devoted to obtaining seasonal clearances in a timely and efficient manner, despite short-notice requirements, last-minute changes or emergency-handling requests.



ASM flight watch team can guide the operator / crew to the nearest convenient alternate airport in case the selected landing airport is busy or if unforeseen difficulties arise.

If your flight plan suddenly changes, have no worries; ASM always has a back-up route and landing point available for your flight. We will arrange a warm welcome for your aircraft and passengers even if the destination is not the original planned airport.

ASM has a wide network of direct contacts with Civil Aviation Authorities and local airport handlers worldwide. Flight support, Handling, Permits, Fuelling can be arranged at short notice with ease and at any location. This minimal response time in diversion events makes ASM a trusted flight support provider to more than 250 Operators worldwide. We provide our business jet operators and commercial airline clients with instant access to our tested global network of airport facilities, ensuring excellence in flight and on ground. Our services allow customers to minimize costs and damage to reputation when emergencies and unforeseen events occur.