Trip Planning

Our 24/7 dedicated team provides fast & reliable flight planning

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Flight Permits

We obtain express flight permit

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Flight Tracking

Providing safe & secure flights through SATCOM & FlightRadar24

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Flight Supervision

ASM secures all requirements for quick, efficient aircraft turnaround

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Cost effective fuel services at over 3000 locations worldwide

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Ground Handling

Aircraft, passengers & cargo are handled with utmost professionalism

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Concierge Services

Specializes in arranging ground transport, hotels & local tours

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The taste of a journey is as much important as comforting ambience

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Planning a trip for business or leisure can be time consuming, requires experience, accuracy and effort. For a hassle-free charter trip, it is best to entrust your journey planning to ASM. Our dedicated, qualified 24/7 operations team, deliver rapid and reliable flight planning to optimize your flight metrics resulting in the best operating costs for you. ASM provides clients with competitive cost estimates including:


On behalf of our clients, we obtain express flight permit clearances for a global network of destinations. Having excellent connections with Civil Aviation Authorities and their approved agencies, permits can be obtained at very short notice.

Our team works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year to deliver maximum efficiency in executing our ground handling and in-flight services.

ASM’s qualified and experienced professionals possess extensive knowledge of the aviation business, having practiced flight support services for over two decades. We understand the unique needs of each client and offer tailor made solutions. Our team consistently delivers quality flight support, by anticipating and rectifying any glitches before they occur and ensures overflying permits and parking slots are arranged in timely manner.



ASM gives its clients undivided attention, providing safe and secure flights with the flight tracking services through SATCOM and FlightRadar24.

Via Satcom, ASM gets regular updates of an aircraft from departure to landing. Our 24/7 Operations team are always aware of the exact location of the jet and in-case of an emergency are able to track the jet, make alternative arrangements for diversion or activate an emergency response plan.

Several Civil Aviation Authorities across the globe have decreed the flight tracking service a mandatory requirement. We will advise clients of such requirements during the flight planning stage.

ASM’s flight tracking service delivers complete peace of mind to our client and puts crew at ease, knowing that we continually monitor their flight, making the journey save and hassle-free.


On behalf of a client, ASM secures all requirements for quick, efficient aircraft turnaround on the ground of any airport in the world.

While your flight is en-route to the intended destination, ASM station supervisors will be working on a warm welcome for your aircraft, passengers and crew. We will brief third party suppliers on the nature of your operation and coordinate all subcontractors and suppliers for a smooth turnaround.

We attend to passengers at the aircraft door, assist with quick completion of customs and immigration formalities, while refuelling the jet and preparing for departure. Our on-ground specialist will check and ensure the compliance with requested services and report any discrepancies.

Upon aircraft departure, our team will submit detailed reports of the handling operations to keep the client fully informed.



ASM offers efficient and cost effective fuel services across our global network of airport locations. We provide detailed, optimum fuel cost offers on daily, weekly, bi-weekly or monthly basis and credit facilities upon request.

For over two decades, ASM has successfully supported worldwide operations of private jet operators and commercial airlines. We provide around the clock, monitored, efficient refuelling services for scheduled, ad-hoc, seasonal and private operations. By accepting all major fuel credit cards, ASM links the flight operators with major international and domestic fuel suppliers.

For the assurance of our customers, ASM carries comprehensive liability insurance for all refuelling services for a value of USD 1 billion per occurrence.

When it comes to aircraft refuelling, ASM is your single point of contact, offering efficiency and complete price transparency with ease of purchase.


ASM ensures that aircraft, passengers and cargo are handled with utmost professionalism.

We offer an integrated range of quality ground handling services and facilitate all airport or aircraft documentation globally for both, commercial and business jet operations. With our experience in providing handling services worldwide, we are very familiar with local requirements and facilities available at each airport. Further, we provide comprehensive insurance coverage to all our supervisory handling activities and agencies around the world with a value of USD 1.5 million for every handling.

Our flight operation team meet and execute the specific expectations of passengers and crew at the best possible price-quality ratio, offering comprehensive handling solutions that optimize cost of your ground operations.

ASM has extensive experience in managing people in varied cultural and social environments while supervising the entire handling process. On behalf of clients, ASM negotiates handling fees at airports globally, constantly monitoring the services requested, whilst ensuring maximum benefit to the flight operators on arrival and take off.



ASM specializes in arranging ground transport, hotel accommodation and if required, local tours at the best available rates.

ASM works with a wide list of the best service providers across the globe to deliver our clients an unparalleled range of pre and post flight amenities.

Whether you need your favorite magazines on board, a movie entertainment during flight, hotel reservations, ground transportation, tickets to a special event or local tours at the destination – our concierge team is happy to assist with any special request for your charter flight.

You can rely on our concierge team to keep your service request confidential, as well as your entire trip itinerary.

ASM makes sure your experience is pleasant and hassle-free so you complete the journey with a smile.


ASM makes every experience on-board extraordinary with our expert know-how in private catering. With the help of our operations team, available 24/7, we are dedicated to making your flight an unforgettable culinary experience, to satisfy the most demanding palates.

The F & B experience on a journey is as important as the comfortable ambience created by the crew on board a private jet. We, at ASM as experienced business jet travelers ourselves, know this first-hand. There is no compromise when it comes to catering arrangements. We have a fine selection of licensed, superior caterers around the globe to ensure there is a piece of delicious art on your plate, every time you are catered by ASM.