Providing flight support solutions to the commercial and general aviation industries, Aviation Services Management was established by aviator Vito Gomes in 1998. Based in Dubai, the company now offers a wide-range of flight support products and services continually delivering value, convenience and unparalleled service to a growing portfolio of prestigious clients.

The in-house operations team works 24/7 to handle all aspects of their clients’ trips, planning flights with expert input from a state-of-the-art flight control center. ASM’s aero operations experts ensure every detail of each trip is executed efficiently. Upon landing, ASM takes care of aircraft, assisting with fueling and ground handling solutions, as well as concierge services.

ASM is a member of NBAA, EBAA, BBGA and IATA.


Flight planning

Planning a trip for business or leisure can be time consuming and requires experience, accuracy and diligence. To avoid the hassle and maximize enjoyment, ASM offers fast and reliable flight planning that optimizes each flight at the lowest operating cost.

ASM’s Cost Management Solutions provide clients with competitive rates on flight supervision, navigation fees, clearances (permits), catering, computerized flight planning (CFP), weather NOTAMs and charts, ground handling, fueling and concierge services.

Ground Handling

Upon arrival at the destination, ASM’s team ensures aircraft, passengers and cargo are handled professionally. Each client is personally greeted upon arrival, certifying all details are taken care of.

The ASM team has vast experience and knowledge in markets across the world, helping to understand the local requirements and in deciding the most suitable FBO to choose from. The ground handling team ensures passengers and crew have all the necessary documentation necessary to swiftly move through CIQ. Further concierge support can be arranged upon request, assisting with accommodation, transport and local tours.

Fueling Services

ASM offers efficient and cost-effective fuel service at over 3,000 locations worldwide. Payment can be made on a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly basis, with credit options available upon request. Each refueling service carries comprehensive liability insurance worth US$1B.

ASM Charter 

ASM Charter has access to an extensive global network of aircraft (including helicopters), obtaining charter services for both passenger and cargo needs. ASM’s team can plan and facilitate all details of any charter operation for business, leisure or MedEvac flights.

The Charter division works closely with medical teams, with the ability to coordinate with physicians and ensuring necessary equipment is on board and adequate support for the medical crew is available.

Executive Management Team of Aviation Services Management. Commentary given during the Interview with Asia Sky Magazine, April 2019.

Article published in the April 2019 issue and available at:
English version: (page 45-46)
Chinese version: (page 42-43)


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