How important is the choice of FBO and what part do charter brokers play?


The Fixed Base Operator is an essential element of the private charter practice.  Offering a wide range of services for its customers, from aircraft brokerage to fuelling and ground handling in over 3000 airports globally ASM takes the FBO pitch very seriously. Through over 20 years of working in business aviation, with countless FBOs in practice, we easily distinguish the ‘better’ from the ‘best.’ Here are few factors, criteria that ASM professionals use to choose an FBO that our clients appreciate.

The FBO plays important role in servicing private aviation customers, whose experience is of the essence to the charter brokers. The aircrafts are usually parked few steps from the FBO facilities, been an integral part of customer journey. The FBO facilitate simplified customs clearances through the CIQ. Well trained staff at the professional FBO is always ready to assist.  Special requests like red carpet for the VVIP passengers, VIP stairs, flower arrangements, or special catering requirements are wisely considered on the first priority at the great value for money. While the passengers and crew enjoy lounge facilities, FBO team takes care of aircraft handling and fueling allowing no delays. As a bonus, in some locations, the ground transport can deliver passengers and crew in the closest proximity to the aircraft, accommodating sometime very sensitive customer security and privacy concerns.

ASM particular interest in the FBO selection process is triggered by such factors as how the FBO handles traffic during pick seasons; how resilient the FBO staff to high number of arrivals an departures and how well the layout of FBO facilities is prearranged.

The best FBO can offer the CIQ clearance for passengers and crew on the board of aircraft. If our Charter customers are offered a vehicle access to the airside – the FBO that provides such facility would be on the top of our consideration.

When ASM chooses the FBO, our team looks closely at the above factors and facilities to be of the highest level, at the best price. Becoming a trusted ASM’s FBO is not an easy assignment. Our executive team reviews FBO’s performance related to the ASM planned flights every often. The contracts with selected FBOs evaluated annually and the pitches for new facilities around the world never end.

This type of approach allows ASM operations team to be up to date on the market and offer the most efficient solution for private, business or medical charter travel.


Vito Gomes  The founder and CEO of Aviation Services Management. Commentary given on how important is the choice of FBO and what part do charter brokers play.

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