ASM celebrated Ramadan’s spirit of giving at beautiful Zanzibar


“Real giving lies in making a difference in another person’s life, or the life of a community, or in the journey of a nation.” – Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum

Inspired by the words of his highness Sheikh Mohammed, ASM celebrated Ramadan’s spirit of giving at beautiful Zanzibar.

With 99 percent population being Muslim here Ramadan is not just a festival, but a way of life. For people in Zanzibar Ramadan is much more than just fasting and refraining, it is time for spiritual reflection, prayer, for charity and humanity.

Our team experienced the humble traditions of Ramadan through the historic Heart of Stone Town by visiting remote villages, engaging with locals, encouraging the orphans, widows and specially abled, praying for their well-being and extending a helping hand by distributing basic food essentials to less-privileged.

Hon. Ayoub Mohammed Mahmoud – Regional Commissioner of North Zanzibar appreciated Mr. Vito Gomes, Founder & CEO of ASM for the charitable gesture.

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