ASM receives an Oil Marketer license, expanding its footprint in Africa

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The international aviation support provider – ASM is pleased to announce extension of its footprint in Africa, Kenya. A global aviation fuelling network of 3000 airports sees significant advance in Kenya as ASM acquires the Oil Marketer Company license.

The Kenyan Energy & Petroleum Regulatory Authority has accepted ASM’s local entity into the petroleum Register post series of business evaluations and careful examination of the ASM activity on the international aviation market of past two decades.

We are pleased to supply Jet-A1 to commercial and private aviation in Kenya and look forward to supporting the growth of the Africa’s airports infrastructure in deepened co-operation with Region’s airport authorities. We are proud to offer efficient and cost effective fuel services in Africa and beyond, providing detailed, optimum fuel cost offers on regular basis and credit facilities upon request.

ASM is now a licensed Oil Marketer in Kenya. October 2019.