ASM receives an Oil Marketer license, expanding its footprint in Africa


ASM, a renowned provider of international aviation support services, is excited to announce a significant expansion of its operations within the African continent, specifically in Kenya. This development is part of ASM’s strategic move to extend its global aviation fuelling network, which already spans over 3,000 airports worldwide.

The company’s growth in Kenya has been marked by the acquisition of an Oil Marketer Company license, signifying a substantial advancement in the region’s aviation industry. The Kenyan Energy & Petroleum Regulatory Authority has officially recognized ASM’s local entity, following a series of rigorous business evaluations and a thorough review of ASM’s two-decade-long track record in the international aviation market.

ASM is now set to supply Jet-A1 fuel to both commercial and private aviation sectors in Kenya, bolstering the country’s aviation infrastructure. The company is committed to fostering growth and development in Africa’s airports through strengthened collaboration with regional airport authorities.

Priding itself on efficiency and cost-effectiveness, ASM offers comprehensive fuel services across Africa and beyond. Customers can expect detailed, competitive fuel cost offers, updated regularly to ensure the best possible pricing. Furthermore, ASM extends credit facilities to its clients, tailored to meet their unique needs.

As ASM embarks on this new chapter in Kenya, it reaffirms its dedication to enhancing aviation services, supporting economic growth, and contributing to the advancement of airport infrastructure across the African continent.

ASM is now a licensed Oil Marketer in Kenya. October 2019.