New horizons for Business Aviation in summer 2021


JULY, 2021

Since the start of an unexpectedly cruel, all-devouring pandemic in early 2020, the world seems to have gone from the blossoming tourism consumer market to its very limited, online shop version. There are almost none of the industries that weren’t damaged, and social confidence in public safety is undermined; what used to be a normal lifestyle, including travel, hospitality and human interaction was scattered to the abyss of the health crisis across the planet.

A year and a half later, we are still uncertain of what our near future will look like. But amid blurry skies there comes a ray of light – hope for change. The fierce standoff of the pandemic versus the world of normality is seen coming to an end. The industry experts and peers are confident – the time for recovery of air travel starts now.

While commercial air travel has suffered losses and the industry is looking at the nearest perspective of recovery in 2023, business aviation looks steady and luckily trending among the straggling industries around the world.

The biggest revelation of 2021 in the air travel industry is the impact of the health crisis on a formation of a new private jet traveller cluster, many of which, are likely to continue to fly private once the pandemic is over. These new customers can potentially drive travel demand to the pre-COVID levels.

The phenomenon of former commercial aviation business-class clients turning to private aviation is not surprising. The advantages of private jet travel are well-known but became to be much more appreciated during the pandemic.

A private jet is an immediately accessible, safe and comfortable mode of transport that delivers a passenger faster and conveniently closer to where they need to be. The bypassing the travel restrictions, wider freedom of movement and full control of the flight experience, as well as, ultimate safety – are the unbeatable benefits that quickly gained trust among commercial airlines premium cabin travelers.

With airlines still having schedules reduced, countries being opening and closing and corona virus waves coming and going – business aviation will remain strategically superior means of serving business users, entrepreneurs and executives, bridging the cross-border markets.

The impact from COVID-19 pandemic will be felt in years. Many experts agree that the success of aviation, travel and tourism sector largely depends on the vaccination coverage rates. As the global vaccination rates equity is unlikely to be achieved in the next months, the commercial aviation and its business segments are still subjected to the unclear future.

Hence, business aviation has all the potential to strive new horizons of recovery, starting this summer.