ASM is a first choice for safe, secure and cost effective flight support solutions in Africa.


JUNE, 2021

African aviation is a prominent economic sector, which supports over $55 billion of economic motion and more than 6 million jobs. The development of this sector is challenging, due to multiple obstacles in the regulatory, technological and governing environment. For any airline, or even a private aviator to operate in Africa efficiently, a reliable aviation services partner is required on site. A flight support provider, who would accommodate daring, last minute nature requests, deliver services in short notice and on point, making aviation operations effective. ASM delivers just that. But in order for our team to hold successful operations in Africa, multiple risks are considered.

Products and Services quality 

Despite the progress in the aviation accidents and fatality rates decrease, Africa still has some safety concerns, many of which that are closely linked to quality of provided aviation services. The safety oversight programs vary from the region to region in Africa. The quality of provided Fuel products varies from country to country and require on-site quality control and assurance. ASM Team closely monitors quality of products and have contractual relationships with only the best, fit for the highest standards local African vendors. Our regional experts develop effective supplier infrastructure, focusing on global standards in providing a wide range of Fuel and Flight Support services across Africa. Our quality control division, ensure timely delivery, while maintaining high quality of provided service. ASM professionals closely work with Civil Aviation authorities, in order to rectify each aspect and serve ready to go solutions, inflight and on the ground, for quality, safe air travel.


In Africa, the infrastructure suffers from insufficient capacity to meet demand. The airlines technical and commercial quality standards are deficient. As well, Africa is an expensive place for airlines to do business. Jet fuel costs, user charges, as a percentage of airlines’ operating costs are significantly higher than the rest of the world industry average. The taxes and charges are among the highest in the world.

Consequently, competitiveness is essential for Airlines in Africa; only well versed suppliers can be trusted. The role of a service provider like ASM is to balance the cost and efficiency, to provide rapid, flexible solutions across the continent. ASM ensures competitiveness of its Fuelling and Flight support services in Africa, by establishing viable, cost structures that our clients can rely on. Cost effective re-fuelling solutions on its own play a greater role in assessing airline profitability. As the demand for air travel rises in emerging economies, ASM searches and establishes connections with the best service providers on the ground. ASM constantly advances and applies its international, wide-ranging knowledge of aviation of over two decades to maintain a prominent place amongst reputable and reliable providers.