No matter the economic turbulence, Aviation Services Management is airborne

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ASM is a market leader in providing competitive, flexible in-house and third-party Flight Support services, offering clients the best economically viable solutions at over 3000 locations worldwide.

OUR MISSION: To provide a full range of specialized aviation services designed to deliver both value and convenience to business jet owners and commercial aviation companies.

OUR VISION: To be the world’s first choice in flight support services and integrated aviation industry solutions.

Being an active member of the aviation industry and the IATA strategic partner, ASM has experienced the whole set of unfortunate effects of the COVID-19 crisis at its full strength. As revenues of the airlines kept on plunging, the industry outlook for 2020 was becoming grimmer and grimmer. Providentially, ASM management has taken all the right decisions at the right time. Our analytics configured practical forecast over the period of 2020 back in March and by the time global aviation has depended on the lockdown frustration, we had a realistic plan on how to deal with consequences. Unlike many industry players, ASM managed to retain all its human capital; being a multifaceted supplier, we identified alternative revenue streams and industry sectors that were going stronger than commercial aviation; ASM focused on the business aviation, private charter and cargo flight support services while continuing to support our valued airlines clients.

Proactive dealing and good relations with the industry peers have allowed ASM to keep up with the fast-changing business environment and even plan for expansion. This year (2020), ASM has extended its assets portfolio by adding two exclusive aircraft to its fleet of 04 LR60XR and expanding its operations in Europe.  The company management is thankful for the challenges that arose in this challenging time and hopeful for the industry to be back to 100% motion by the second quarter of 2021.

During the crisis time, it was important for ASM to provide our customers with reliable, safe, efficient and secure flight support solutions. The change was required in all aspects of ASM business practice.

To ensure our customers will be safe and comfortable flying with us, we started with ourselves by practicing precautionary measures and keeping the workspace safe. We tightened the quality control of provided flight support worldwide and applied efficient aircraft disinfection procedures before and after every flight. We briefed all our employees and service partners on the COVID-19 prevention procedures.

During this trying time, ASM proudly supported over 100 successful flights throughout the Globe. Our Medevac Charter team has been bridging the gaps between continents, safely bringing critical patients for further medical treatment to their homeland.  ASM helped families to reunite with their loved ones by providing repatriation charter services. Numerous medical equipment and life-essential freights carried to the countries in need on board of the ASM operated Cargo charters.

ASM continues to be on standby for all the flight support requirements during this challenging period to date.

ASM’s Founder and CEO, Mr. Vito Gomes is known as a business leader with a strategic eye. His tactical views have proven to be ahead of its time throughout the two decades in the aviation business. ASM has exclusive assets to offer to the demanding GCC Market – an exceptional family of private Jets. Lately expanded, the Learjet aircraft family is unique to the GCC consumer, acquired especially to support these discerning customer’s palates.

It is ASM’s founder expectation that business aviation will pick up onwards ascending trend sooner than the commercial airlines. The company’s management is optimistic about providing superb Fight Support to its commercial airline clients and taking to the skies its own fleet by 2021.

In times of crisis, people flock to quality; do you have something to mention in this regard and how do you think this suits your organization and what measures have been taken?

There is no compromise when it comes to the quality provided by ASM Flight Support. The company continually takes all required measures to deliver the best, efficient and compliant to the industry standards services and most demanding expectations.  Throughout two decades, ASM has supported the Commercial and General aviation segments with optimal, bespoke solutions, adding to an enviable track record as a reliable partner on every aviation mission handled.

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