ASM: New ALTA Affiliate Member

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January 11, 2022 The Latin American and Caribbean Air Transport Association (ALTA) is pleased to announce that Aviation Services Management (ASM) joins its leading group of affiliated companies. ASM was founded in 1998 in the UK and currently has more than 3,000 locations globally to provide competitive and flexible in house and third-party services that include comprehensive flight support, fuel, and the private charter services on its own fleet of Learjet 60 & 60XR aircraft, with the recognition from NBAA, EBAA, AsBAA, RUBAA and IATA. “I am thrilled to welcome Aviation Services Management (ASM) as the first new affiliate member …

ASM expansion to the Latin America

ASM expands its horizons to the South America

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DECEMBER 2021 The future of Latin America’s aviation sector is favorable – despite economic and political challenges, following Asia, the Latin America’s industry is expected to experience the next highest growth rate. At ASM, our commercial visionary, the senior management were closely watching Latin America progress, eyeing expansion into the region for some time. With the COVID era hopefully coming to its end, ASM takes this cross-continental step to engage with a great business potential of the South America. General Aviation prospects in the Latin America According to the Mordor Intelligence report, the Latin American aviation market was valued at …

Private Charter travel trends winter 2021-22

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November, 2021 Private jet travel offers luxury, comfort, and convenience. Exclusive vacations to high class destinations are preferred by private jet travelers. Recent studies show that the demand for private jet services has increased by over 32% since 2019. Private jets offer high levels of privacy, mobility and in the recent years, due to evolving pandemic – safety, as private jet services also minimize the risk of contagion. No slow-down seen for exclusive charter jet vacations The popularity of private jet vacations took off during the pandemic. The global private jet inventory became narrow, as more and more people shifted …

EXPO 2020 as a trampoline to the UAE’ aviation recovery.

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OCTOBER 2021 Expo 2020 Dubai, delayed from last year as a result of the global coronavirus pandemic, is set to run over six months, starting on October 1, 2021. This is the first event, exhibition of such scale to be held in the Middle East. 192 nations participate in the EXPO 2020 offering its own pavilions on site. It is also the largest global gathering held during the coronavirus pandemic, after the Tokyo Olympics, that took place in August, 2021 without spectators. Over the past two years’ time, the UAE has demonstrated its potential in tackling the pandemic and earned …

Flying Car Dubai

How flying cars will join UAE’s business aviation club. The future of air taxi in Dubai.

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SEPTEMBER, 2021 According to a Morgan Stanley Research study, the flying – electric air taxis market is about to unwrap its substantial potential in the next decade, with its value rising to $1.5 trillion globally by 2040. This blend of a drone technology and convertible car-aircraft, may become a more sustainable, green transport solution. Which, in a wake of the straightening global climate crisis becomes a more appealing transport mode. Numerous global brands, and some of a new comers trying to mark their names on the map of the arising flying taxi market. Futuristic flying cars, have been a human …

Sustainable Fuel in the Business Aviation

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AUGUST, 2021 A striking spate of weather extremes in recent years has triggered worldwide public concerns. Ongoing studies intending to find out if it has become more chaotic and what are the prognoses for impact on the planet’s life. The climate change is not any longer an obscure matter, it is a very near future reality for all. Researchers evaluated the effects of a global expansion in aviation and found that the aviation emissions are an increasingly significant contributor to anthropogenic climate change. The global aviation industry produces around 2.4% of all human-induced carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions. Aviation is responsible for 12% …

aviation future

New horizons for Business Aviation in summer 2021

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JULY, 2021 Since the start of unexpectedly cruel, all-devouring pandemic in the early 2020, the world seems to have gone from the blossoming tourism consumer market to its very limited, online shop version. There are almost none of the industries that weren’t damaged, social confidence in public safety is undermined; what used to be normal lifestyle, including travel, hospitality and human interaction was scattered to the abyss of the health crisis across the planet. A year and a half later, we are still uncertain of how our near future will look like. But amid blurry skies there comes a ray …

ASM is a first choice for safe, secure and cost effective flight support solutions in Africa.

ASM is a first choice for safe, secure and cost effective flight support solutions in Africa.

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JUNE, 2021 African aviation is a prominent economic sector, which supports over $55 billion of economic motion and more than 6 million jobs. The development of this sector is challenging, due to multiple obstacles in the regulatory, technological and governing environment. For any airline, or even a private aviator to operate in Africa efficiently, a reliable aviation services partner is required on site. A flight support provider, who would accommodate daring, last minute nature requests, deliver services in short notice and on point, making aviation operations effective. ASM delivers just that. But in order for our team to hold successful …

ASM supports TATV

ASM supports TATV INSIGHT: Conversation with IATA’s Regional VP, Kamil Al-Awadhi

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MAY, 2021 IATA’s leadership has a fresh look about it with former IAG and British Airways CEO Willie Walsh taking over as CEO and former Kuwait Airways CEO Kamil Al-Awadhi becoming the regional vice president for the Africa and the Middle East region. Al-Awadhi is an engineer by background who achieved a childhood dream when he joined his country’s flag carrier’s engineering team. Getting to learn his trade in the workshops and then internationally, he rose through the ranks to lead the safety team and eventually the whole airline. Now, having experienced the effect of the pandemic, Al-Awadhi is ready …