ASM Charter to Qatar FIFA World Cup 2022

Biggest football Season of the year 2022


The world is gearing up for the biggest football sports event of the year in Qatar. With more than 1.8 million tickets already being sold, Football’s world governing body hopes to offer 3 million match tickets during the 28-day tournament as football fans from Argentina, Brazil, England, France, Mexico, Qatar, Canada, Germany, India, Saudi Arabia, Spain, the UAE and the USA have applied to avail tickets in Sales Phase carried on by the board.

Qatar is expecting a massive influx of visitors to pass through its Capital – Doha’s Hamad International Airport. Many airlines have already planned their flights to Qatar for the Football season. The airport authorities in Qatar are devising and implementing quality and safety procedures for the flight operations to run smoothly during the period as they are expecting 1,600 flights per day. With plans to add additional aircraft parking slots, install upgraded radars and virtual towers, continuous enhancements, implementation of advanced technology and highly trained air traffic controllers, Qatar is ready for the challenge and so is ASM.

ASM your trusted Flight support partner to Plan your flights to Qatar

Our licensed Flight dispatchers are ready to provide you with accurate airport data during this busy period – Flight plans, landing/overflight permits, flight tracking, weather reports and NOTAMs, arrange airport parking slot

 Our dedicated support team will assist in arranging comprehensive ground handling, flight supervision, catering/de-catering service, ramp handling, and baggage handling services at the airport.

Our Fuel supply team offers competitive fuel rates for your flight operation in Qatar – JetA1, Avgas. ASM carries comprehensive liability insurance for all Refuelling services for a value of USD 1 billion per occurrence.

This Football season, let us handle all the hassle, ensuring a smooth flight operation to Qatar with ASM being your one-stop-shop partner for all your aviation support needs. To request specialized Qatar Flight Support services, contact our team at

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