Flying Car Dubai

How flying cars will join UAE’s business aviation club. The future of air taxi in Dubai.

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SEPTEMBER, 2021 According to a Morgan Stanley Research study, the flying – electric air taxis market is about to unwrap its substantial potential in the next decade, with its value rising to $1.5 trillion globally by 2040. This blend of a drone technology and convertible car-aircraft, may become a more sustainable, green transport solution. Which, in a wake of the straightening global climate crisis becomes a more appealing transport mode. Numerous global brands, and some of a new comers trying to mark their names on the map of the arising flying taxi market. Futuristic flying cars, have been a human …

Benefits of IATA Travel Pass in the Business Aviation

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MAY, 2021 As vaccination drive continues, airports are set to reopen in the coming months across the globe. The stay-at-home orders will eventually recede, but getting where you need or want to be is set to change dramatically. Airlines are still cutting flights for the foreseeable future. It’s unsure how soon networks and frequency will be restored, but somber prognosis speculates the distant 2024 as a year of full commercial aviation recovery. Looking back, before the COVID-19 Coronavirus pandemic, millions of people daily were taken onboard of commercial airlines to fulfill their business commitments, visits their families, or going on long-awaited vacations. …

Experience flying with your pets in comfort and safety of the private jet

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APRIL, 2021 There are so many ways to travel with pets. It could be a driving trip, travel by cruise ships and flying a pet in the cargo of commercial airline. These options, nonetheless, may be limited by complex set of rules and regulations over the species, breed and size of a pet.  If you are looking for a safe and friendly travel with pets – a private jet charter will be there just for you and your furry friends. There are a variety of reasons to charter a plane and fly private with your pets instead of traveling commercial. …

ASM Charter to Europe

Key benefits of flying on a private jet in Europe

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MARCH, 2021 Flying private is not just a luxury & leisure There are hundreds of private aviation routes in Europe. The industry report finds that 98% of city pairs served by business aviation had no direct scheduled airline routing.  While most European travelers board commercial airlines, many businessmen find flying private more beneficial, and here is why. Accordingly, to EBAA, European companies have declared that they can save up to €15 million in avoided overnight hotel stays per year by choosing to charter a private jet for their employees’ business trips. Yet, there is a misconception that business aviation is …

ASM Team Vaccinated Feb 2021

ASM pioneers vaccination programme of its employees

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FEBRUARY, 2021 The company outstripped industry players in terms of the speed of vaccination of its personnel Head Quartered in Dubai Aviation Services Management has successfully completed a Covid-19 vaccination programme for its employees based in the UAE. ASM is one of the very first Business Aviation companies in the country to roll out a Covid-19 vaccination, ensuring the health of its workers and ultimate safety for the Company’s clients and business partners. ASM has not only managed to safeguard its human resources’ health throughout the 2020 pandemic; but also got through the taught economic turbulence of the past year, …

India is the first choice destination for world class medical treatment at competitive rates.

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JANUARY, 2021 India’s reputation as a trusted medical destination stands for centuries. Indian ancient medicine practice can be traced back to the roots of the 5000 years old Indian Civilization. Ancient Indian scripts expose wide-ranging evidence of treatments performed through Internal Medicine, Surgery, Ophthalmology, Otolaryngology, Toxicology, Psychiatry, Gerontology. Foreign travelers seeking unconventional cure were coming to India from around the world, much before the modern medicine emerged and settled in the country. The wide spread geography of medical institutions, from Delhi to Chennai, offers an array of specialized clinics and hospitals that provide an extensive range of treatments. In the …

ASM Charter offers an exclusive family of Learjets at your disposal in Europe and the Middle East!

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DECEMBER, 2020 Being in the business aviation industry for over two decades ASM understands A-Z requirements of a discerning private charter traveler. Having lately extended our fleet, we now offer a family of Learjets 60/60XR – for VIP, Diplomatic, Business, Leisure, Events and Medevac flights, covering the Europe and the Middle East. ASM offers professional charter services using its own fleet of Learjet 60/60 XR – for VIP, Diplomatic, Business, Leisure, Events and Medevac flights. At ASM Charter we take great pride in providing excellent customer service. As an ASM Charter client, you receive a flawless, unsurpassed level of professionalism …

No matter the economic turbulence, Aviation Services Management is airborne

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NOVEMBER, 2020 ASM is a market leader in providing competitive, flexible in-house and third-party Flight Support services, offering clients the best economically viable solutions at over 3000 locations worldwide. OUR MISSION: To provide a full range of specialized aviation services designed to deliver both value and convenience to business jet owners and commercial aviation companies. OUR VISION: To be the world’s first choice in flight support services and integrated aviation industry solutions. Being an active member of the aviation industry and the IATA strategic partner, ASM has experienced the whole set of unfortunate effects of the COVID-19 crisis at its …

ASM takes part in the first Business Aviation conference and exhibition in Malta (MACE)

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Moving into the new decade of flight support excellence, ASM always keeps the pace with fast developing aviation industry, taking part in the new ventures and looking forward to explore new horizons. Last October, ASM’s founder and CEO – Mr. Vito Gomes, has joined the pioneering business aviation event in Malta. “Being a part of the first aviation conference & expo in Malta is a privilege and a very informative experience, that helps to understand future developments in the European business aviation and serves as a superb networking opportunity”, shared Mr. Gomes. The Malta Business Aviation Association and European Business …