Key benefits of flying on a private jet in Europe

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MARCH, 2021

Flying private is not just a luxury & leisure

There are hundreds of private aviation routes in Europe. The industry report finds that 98% of city pairs served by business aviation had no direct scheduled airline routing.  While most European travelers board commercial airlines, many businessmen find flying private more beneficial, and here is why.

Accordingly, to EBAA, European companies have declared that they can save up to €15 million in avoided overnight hotel stays per year by choosing to charter a private jet for their employees’ business trips. Yet, there is a misconception that business aviation is the sole preserve of the super-wealthy individuals for private leisure flights. Private jet flights can cost as little as £500 per passenger.

Travelling in a private jet gives not only exclusivity and comfort, it is rather a larger package of convenience, custom made for each individual or group of passengers and delivered as one whole solution. Private aviation offers streamlined and efficient business or leisure travel – flying where scheduled airlines do not and filling in the gaps in the commercial airline routings.

While having a whole jet for himself, any chartered flight customer can spend more time for the important things, arrive at their destination faster, enjoy privacy and confidentiality with excellent service, increase efficiency and productivity during the flight.

Not only does flying private make business sense, but it offers some health benefits too. The airport procedures, check in and boarding queues, schedules and security checks bring an issue of so-called “airport stress”. While facing stressful experience in the airport is unavoidable for the commercial airline travelers, flying private works against “airport stress”. Private terminals provide fast and hassle-free boarding at the convenient, set by you time. The essential meaning of the private jet travel is to make journey 100% enjoyable experience.

In the Europe – the busiest aviation hub territory, the benefits of private travelling are even more bold. When time is of the essence and productivity is a must – private jet could be the only right solution. Working during the flight in confidence of the private setting increases business productivity by 150%; and navigating between 984 destinations in Europe is fast and easy on a private jet. Private travelers are able to dedicate more time to their families and private matters.

Private jet Passengers own their schedule, fly at their convenience, while contributing to the economic growth, create time, cut costs and achieve their business objectives.