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APRIL, 2021

Sri Lanka holds vast potential in medical tourism and wellness tourism as well given its traditional knowledge of ayurvedic treatments.

Going for a medical treatment to Sri Lanka? Many of us probably have never considered it, but Sri Lanka is fast evolving as a preferred medical tourism destination in Asia, due to many advantageous features. 

Sri Lanka is able to offer competitively priced and good quality care which, coupled with its growing appeal as a holiday destination, is helping to attract medical tourists that would have gone to regional competitor countries. 

Sri Lanka’s private sector hospitals have been growing faster compared to that of other public hospitals in the country, which has resulted in improved quality overall.  Medical tourism becomes a key driver of Sri Lanka’s healthcare industry moving forward, and its healthcare industry has some appeals that could result in increased medical tourists in the future. Similar to India, Sri Lanka offers many medical procedures at a substantially lower cost and has high quality accredited private healthcare facilities. The country has several JCI accredited hospitals for medical tourists to consider.

Medical tourism in Sri Lanka has potential because of low treatment costs as well as an increasing number of internationally accredited hospitals. 

In many cases, Sri Lanka offers the cheapest option for medical tourists traveling to Asia and could be considered in lieu of destinations such as Thailand and Malaysia. Costs are substantially lower than what can be found in the acclaimed medical destinations. Patients from the GCC region could also benefit from accessing Sri Lanka’s healthcare treatments avoiding long waiting for non-critical procedures.

The country’s appeal as a holiday destination bodes well for the development of medical tourism in Sri Lanka.

Sri Lanka has long been known for its azure coastline, idyllic white sand beaches and emerald green hills. The country’s natural beauty, sound infrastructure, tropical weather and relaxing vibe make it an ideal spot to recover from surgery or other forms of medical treatment.  

Medical tourists from the GCC could potentially combine a complex medical procedure (hip replacement, heart bypass surgery, etc.) with a holiday to Sri Lanka for a collective cost that is significantly lower than the comparable cost in other popular treatment destinations, such as Malaysia or Thailand.

ASM Charter offers a full range of medical tourism services that include private jet transportation, escort by professional medical team, and an all in one flight support services for every trip. We also provide logistical assistance, plan accommodation, visa arrangements, to ensure that your medical trip to Sri Lanka with ASM Charter is comfortable and convenient to you.