Established in 1998 in the United Kingdom by a renowned aviation expert, Aviation Services Management (ASM) has fast become the best, multifaceted aviation services provider

ASM is a leader in the market when it comes to the best prices and a great deal of flexibility in its in-house and third party services, giving clients the best economically feasible solution in any situation.

ASM has the expertise within a range of its services from fuelling in over 3000 locations worldwide, flight permits to ground handling and concierge services, is recognised by leading international industry organisations such as NBAA, EBAA, BBGA, BAOA.

Our client support team provides excellent flight supervision 24/7.


ASM provides comprehensive, A to Z aviation support, products and services for commercial and general aviation fleet. ASM takes care of all trip details, planning flight with the best expert advice

24/7 state-of-the-art flight control centre with skilled experts in aero operations ensures every detail of your trip is executed efficiently

Upon landing, ASM takes care of a client and an aircraft, assisting with fuelling and ground handling solutions

ASM’s Concierge (hotel and transport) services will compliment the flight service provided in the skies with the best offers

ASM’s global network of services from India, Sri Lanka, GCC and Africa ensures success of every flight operation

Prior To Trip

Planning a trip, for business or leisure can be time consuming, require experience, accuracy and effort. In order to avoid the hassle and enjoy your trip, it is best to entrust your trip planning to ASM.

ASM offers a 24/7 dedicated operations team and fast and reliable flight planning that optimises your flight at the best operating costs.


ASM provides clients with efficient cost estimates including:

• Navigation fees
• Clearances (Permits)
• Fuelling
• Catering
• Computerised flight planning (CFP)
• Weather NOTAMS and charts
• Flight Supervision
• Ground handling and other local coordination charges
• Hotel accommodation and concierge services

Flight Planning
ASM will ensure that your flight route is planned using the best expertise and provide you with accurate flight plans that can be tailor-made to suit your needs.

Airport Information and Data

ASM global airport database is constantly updated and questions pertaining to airports around the world can be responded to in minimal time.

Weather Reports

Weather reports are essential in handling a flight. ASM uses globally recognised weather provision systems to keep the crew and passengers at ease.


Flying clients for their best comfort, whether the journey is meant for business or leisure is ASM’s ultimate goal. To ensure you arrive at your destination refreshed and in a great mood, ASM takes care of the following:

Crew Recruiting

ASM offers end-to-end management and recruitment of the best certified professional crew, including consultancy on crew requirements.

Over Flight Clearances

On behalf of the client, ASM obtains express overflying permit clearances for global network of destinations. Having great connections with the Civil Aviation Authorities and their approved agencies, permits can be obtained at a very short notice.

Landing Permits and Runway Slots
ASM will take care of landing permits and in addition to it, can guide the operator to a nearby convenient airport in case the choice of the landing airport is busy or unforeseen difficulties arise.

Aircraft Movement Message (MVT)

ASM licensed professionals provide the Aircraft Movement Message (MVT) to clients as soon as the flight arrives or departs.


Arriving at the destination is always exciting and every trip brings new experiences. ASM makes sure your experience is pleasant and hassle-free and completes your journey with a smile.

Ground Handling Services

ASM ensures that aircraft, passengers and cargo are handled with utmost professionalism. We offer an integrated range of quality services and facilitating all airport or aircraft documentation globally. With our experience of handling services worldwide, we are more than familiar with local requirements and facilities of each airport. Further, we provide comprehensive insurance coverage to all our supervisory handling activities and agencies around the world with a value of USD 1.5 million for every handling.

FBO Services

To ensure that clients are well taken care of, ASM selects the best FBOs as per our clients convenience. We conduct quality audit of service providers prior to approving them as our preferred FBOs.

Visa Arrangements
ASM always ensures that the crew and passengers arrive with proper documents and provides necessary information about immigration procedures at the destination.

Meet and Greet

We constantly exceed expectations in greeting service standards with a view to making our clients’ airport experience enjoyable.


ASM specialises in arranging ground transport, hotel accommodation at the best rates, and if required local tours at destination.


ASM offers efficient and cost effective fuel services at over 3000 locations worldwide.

ASM has well-detailed, optimum fuel cost offers on weekly, bi-weekly or monthly basis and credit facilities upon request.

ASM is a single point of contact and offers complete price transparency and ease of purchase with extensive comprehensive insurance for all uplift orders through ASM to a value of USD 1 billion per occurrence.

ASM Charter

ASM Charter has an extensive global network that can cater air charter service for both passenger and cargo needs.

ASM has access to many aircraft types (including helicopters), and is able to plan and facilitate the A to Z of any charter operation. As an ASM Charter client, you receive a flawless, unsurpassed level of professionalism and ease of operation for your business.