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Guide to plan your private Jet travel to Italy – the heart of the Roman Empire.

This European country’s cultural heritage is colossal. It is in Italy you can stand by Michelangelo’s David and witness Sistine Chapel frescoes, Botticelli’s Birth of Venus and Primavera and da Vinci’s “The Last Supper”. In fact, Italy has more Unesco World Heritage cultural sites than any other country on Earth. 

Stroll in the footsteps of ancient Romans in Pompeii, explore Ravenna’s glittering Byzantine treasures or get inspired by the history of Rome. Italy is an amalgam of attractions for any taste. 

In Italy, art and life interact so effortlessly. One can enjoy a delicious dinner while surrounded by architecture, monuments and history itself.

From famous pasta and pizzas to more exquisite meat and seafood delicacies, every bite in Italian diners can feel like a revelation. While Italy’s culinary soul might prefer simplicity, it’s equally ingenious and sophisticated. Expect some of the world’s top fine-dining destinations, from San Pellegrino’s World’s Best 50′ hot spots to Michelin-starred must-visits. So whether you are going on a degustation journey in Modena, truffle hunting in Piedmont, or wine tasting in the Valpolicella wine region, prepare to loosen your belt.

Italy’s gifts extend beyond its art galleries, fashion and fine dining. The country is one of nature’s masterpieces, with extraordinary natural diversity matched by few. From the north’s icy Alps and glacial lakes to the south’s fiery craters and turquoise grottoes, this is a place for doing as well as seeing.

Attractions in Italy

On your Private Jet travel to Italy, visit the famous capital city – Rome, Venice – the Romantic city, Charming Sardinia, and mesmerising Milan.

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