If you choose to be a star ASM Charter will make it happen The Real Advantages Of Private Jets


Private Jets appear to be an unaffordable luxury. However, it need not be so and can be a worthy investment compared to a commercial flight in a premium cabin. Here’s why we believe you might be interested.

01 | Your time your luxury

Flying on a Private Jet can save you a lot of time. You have the flexibility of timing and can schedule your flight to fit your calendar. You can avoid time wastage incurred on a commercial flight because you will board through a private cosy terminal with absolutely no queues making the journey hassle free. The aircraft itself, flies from a dedicated terminal, thus making it quicker to depart and arrive as well as easy flows through customs and immigration. You fly in comfort, at your convenience, with every need of yours being treated as top priority.

02 | Speed is of essence

When it comes to overall journey time, a private jet beats an airline flight every time. Passengers can check in just minutes before take-off; often drive right up to the aircraft steps; and land at many more airports, saving significant time on ground transfers. Private Jets save time because they have a more direct routing compared to commercial airliners. They fly higher and faster as they are lighter than commercial airlines, thus reducing your travel time. Your time saved, can be utilized for relaxation or generating more business.

03 | Your comfort, your space

Flying with us, you save a good amount of time which you can choose to spend with your family over a dinner or working on an important project. Better still, you can have your family fly with you at the same price and in comfort. Catering is provided based on your dietary requirements and is freshly prepared just before your flight. Our crew are discreet and will respect your privacy. So the next time you travel, why don’t you try this personalized service with ASM Charter.
You will enjoy the pampering, the comfort and the luxury on board. After all, you deserve to treat yourself as a successful businessman.


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