ASM at the EBACE 2018


As the ASM team returns energized from the European Business Aviation Convention & Exhibition (EBACE) 2018, we look forward to new opportunities in the region.

Geneva, Europe, a cradle for business aviation and host of EBACE2018, called international aviators for productive discussions on the future of business aviation. From the 29th to 31st May 2018, air travel experts from around the world met to share their views and insights on the trends, emerging destinations, travel demand and challenges that await aviation businesses on their route to commercial success.

At a forward-looking EBACE2018, an enthusiastic European aviation industry provided an open invitation to business aviators from across the globe. The research and discussions at EBACE revealed a new pattern in the industry, the trend leaning towards greater diversification of the customer profiles. Accordingly to the EBAA survey of more than 2,000 participants, young Europeans believe that the efficiency offered by private jets fits their travel priority most, with the ‘luxury’ factor coming second. This emerging wisdom of a much younger ‘millennial’ generation using private jets for efficiency, could well be a mantra for developing innovative products and offers by fleet operators, charterers, brokers and even Flight Support Service providers like ASM.

The most popular destinations in Europe, not surprisingly, were in France with about 480,000 charter flight requests last year, followed by the UK with 325,000 requests, closely trailed by Spain at over 320,000. Italy and Switzerland, recorded an increase of 35% in demand for private jet flights. The majority of flights into Europe from outside of the continent came from Russia, which represented 66 % of this market; followed by U.S. and Saudi Arabia making up 6% and 4% respectively. The ASM team was pleased to see its strategic partnerships working positively in Europe, as all the top destinations are key markets where ASM is quickly growing its presence.

Curiously, amidst the multiple perspectives in EBACE, the African pavilion caught ASM’s attention. The growing African economies with a sharper focus on aviation, combined with the continent’s evolving ties with the European common market, call for urgent examination of emerging possibilities for business aviation.

These and other prospects contributed to positive outcomes for the ASM team at EBACE2018. The existing and new customers our team met at the convention have crystalized and underpinned our European growth. Already serving customers at 3,000 global locations, ASM now looks to deepen penetration into top European destinations with urgency.

Returning from EBACE2018, we at ASM believe that a spirit of adventure, younger aviation customer profile, flexibility and sustainability are the new elements shaping private jet travel in Europe. In spite of skepticism on the socio-economic front and political uncertainty, as well as the risk of rising energy prices threatening growth, European business aviation is rapidly evolving to ensure future success.


The European Business Aviation Convention & Exhibition, Geneva,  Switzerland, 29th to 31st May 2018


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