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Key benefits of flying in GCC on a private jet

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APRIL, 2021

Business jet travel demand spiked in 2020 amid global business events cancellations, tighter travel restrictions and safety caution.

Even with the skies partially reopening in many parts of the world and scheduled flights taking off, more and more air travelers are considering to fly on private jets because of its immediate availability, freedom in choosing the destination, short notice convenience and minimized corona virus related risk, that otherwise are faced during the repatriation flight by commercial airlines.

While the typical business jet travelers are still main charter customers, the majority of private charter flights in the past months was taken by stranded individuals trying to reunite with their families in the GCC. This is largely due to the real advantages of flying by private jet – safety, convenience and flexibility.

This quantifies in the following benefits:

  • Time is the most precious commodity. Saving on this resource can be a great advantage not only in business, but also in the private life. Likewise, in one day a businessman can go on the meeting in two countries in the GCC, without losing time for the overnight stopovers. And just like that private jet saves considerable time for a passenger.
  • Private jets are flying their routes planned to avoid commercial aviation traffic; they often climb higher and thus, will get you to your destination quicker than the commercial aircrafts. Private jet can take you to any small airport in the GCC, closer to there you need to be.
  • Spacious cabin of the ASM’s Learjet 60XR with luxurious, comfortable seats that can be made into bed, ensure a passenger will arrive at the destination refreshed and relaxed. This sense of ultimate comfort is all about a private jet.
  • Not only all private jets must be registered and maintained to the safety standards required by the world’s air regulators, in the conditions of pandemic, every jet ASM operates is throughout sanitized, before and after every flight. All ASM staff and crew are vaccinated and in addition regularly undergo PCR testing. It is safe to say, private jet is safe to fly.
  • Flying private means flying at a time that suits you, into smaller airports closer to a destination that scheduled airlines don’t fly to.
  • A private jet offers confidence of a personal office. Business meetings and essential work tasks can be easily completed on board of the private aircraft.
  • Plenty of personal baggage can be taken on board and even pets can travel in the cabin, making overall trip experience less stressful.

When ASM customers call us with a request for private charter, we look into latest situation specific to their requirement. We acquire all necessary flight permits and ensure Passengers comply with the regulations set out by the authorities of the countries that they are flying from and to.

ASM’s exclusive fleet of Learjet’s can take you to any airport in the GCC in comfort and convenience or a flight chartered specially for you.

Private jet Passengers own their schedule, fly at their convenience, while contributing to the economic growth, create time, cut costs and achieve their business objectives.