Hungary is reimposing travel restrictions from July 15 due to a resurgence of coronavirus infections around the world. It has a traffic lights system for countries based on their infection rate.

Only Hungarians will be allowed to enter if they are coming from ‘red’ countries with high infection rates. These include Albania, Ukraine, Belarus and almost all of Asia, Africa and South and Central America. Arrivals will have to quarantine for two weeks.

Hungarians and foreigners coming from ‘yellow’ countries have to quarantine for two weeks, but can leave quarantine after being tested. These include: Bulgaria, Portugal, Romania, Sweden, the UK, Russia, Serbia, Japan, China and the United States.

Hungary had opened its borders without restrictions to citizens of the European Union, the European Economic Area (excluding the United Kingdom) and of Switzerland on 21 June.

Hungary opened its border with Austria, Slovakia, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Slovenia and Serbia on June 12 without the need for going into quarantine.