Cessna C680 Citation Sovereign

The Cessna Citation Sovereign is a remarkable midsize jet, perfectly suited for extended trips at high altitudes. This exceptional aircraft offers transcontinental capabilities, making it the ideal choice for long-haul business flights or luxurious family getaways. With impressive speed, efficiency, and safety, the Sovereign is truly in a league of its own.

Its spacious cabin is equipped with a full refreshment center and popular double-club seating, ensuring maximum comfort and relaxation during your journey. Additionally, the Citation Sovereign boasts an impressive 135 cubic feet of baggage capacity, perfect for packing for extended stays or transporting bulky items such as golf bags.

Travel in ultimate style and comfort with the Citation Sovereign, where luxury and convenience come together to create a remarkable flying experience.



Max Speed
846 km/h – 457 kt

Max Range
5200 km – 2850 nm

Number of seats

Cabin Dimensions (HxWxL)
170 x 168 x 770 cm

Luggage Volume
3.82 m3




DVD, CD, Satellite Radio, and
Speakers throughout the Cabin

Universal Power Outlets Accessible
throughout the Cabin

Real-Time Maps and
Flight Tracking with Arrival Times

Video Monitors


Selections of In-Flight Dining

Premium Snacks and Beverages

Ample Storage and Vanity in Lavatory

Precise Cabin Temperature Control

Newspapers and Magazines

Your Owner Services Team
Welcomes Special Requests

The Air Ambulance - Saving Lives, One Flight at a Time

This high-performance, long-distance ambulance jet is designed to perform critical, life-saving missions with exceptional efficiency and ease. Thanks to its remarkable range, the Citation 680 Sovereign can fly across continents without the need for stopovers - a critical factor in ensuring the patient's wellbeing.

The spacious cabin configuration is thoughtfully designed to provide a comfortable and spacious environment that accommodates multiple patients, medical crew, and accompanying personnel, promoting an optimal working environment for medical professionals.

The aircraft's capacity for intensive medical equipment is unparalleled, making it possible to safely transport critically ill patients to international destinations.

From portable blood gas analyzers to external cardiac pacemakers, the Citation 680 Sovereign is equipped with the latest medical technologies to provide life-saving care in the air. Additionally, the inclusion of a Dräger 5400 transport incubator allows for the safe and efficient transport of infants and newborns across continents.

The Citation 680 Sovereign is the ultimate choice for emergency medical transport, providing unparalleled comfort, safety, and efficiency.

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