Learjet 60 | A6-ASM - VIP

The Learjet 60 is a medium-size business jet manufactured by Bombardier Aerospace. This aircraft features several updates which set it apart from its predecessor. These include more powerful Pratt & Whitney Canada PW305A engines with 4,600 pounds of thrust, as well as the development of the improved passenger cabin. The cabin of the Learjet 60 is the biggest yet in the Learjet line, able to comfortably accommodate up to seven passengers in the VIP setup.

Cabin Diagram


Learjet 60 | A6-ASM - Medevac

For operating a dedicated air ambulance flight, the Learjet 60’s cabin setting can be quickly converted from VIP to medical setup, to provide a proven reliable aircraft for the mission. The Legendary speed and comfort of Learjet 60 makes it the most convenient option for the medevac transportation and is an extensive combination of advanced trip requirements, creating an complimenting combination of luxury and world class medical care on board.

Cabin Diagram


Range Map


Engine Count: 2
Passengers: Up to 7
Crew: 2
Model Class: Jet - Midsize

Range: 2,405 NM / 4,45 4km
Max Cruising Speed: 863 km/h
Ceiling (ft): 51,00
Takeoff Distance (ft): 5,920
Landing Distance (ft): 3,190

Aircraft Dimension
Tail Height (ft): 14.6
Wing Span (ft): 43.8
Lenght (ft): 58.7
Max Takeoff Weight (lbs): 23,500

Cabin Dimension
Height (ft): 5.71
Width (ft): 5.92
Lenght (ft): 17.6
Cabin Zones: 1


Baggage Capacity
Internal: 24 cu. ft.
External: 24 cu. ft.
4 medium size standard suitcases

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